Volvo Penta 120S-E Sail Drive 2.2:1 Ratio


You are looking at a Volvo Penta 120S-E Marine Sail Drive 2.2:1 Ratio. This is a used part, it was taken out of a Volvo engine that was disassembled for parts and is in good condition (minor wear, scratches) as seen in the pictures. Please note you only get what you see in pictures, any extra seals or gaskets are not included.



  • Manufacturer: Volvo Penta
  • Part#: 120S-E
  • Material(s): Steel, Aluminum
  • Color(s): Grey
  • Electrical: N/A
  • Overall Dimensions: 18"x16"x14"
  • Mount(s): N/A
  • Connection(s): N/A