Yanmar 719575-51300 Fuel Injection Pump


This a Yanmar 719575-51300 Fuel Injection Pump. Please note that these have not been tested so they may need to be rebuilt and fittings may need to be re-sealed. We have three (4) in stock so let us know if you wish to purchase more than one. Keep in mind these go for $4,500+ online brand new so you are getting this item for less than an eighth of the cost.



  • Manufacturer:  Yanmar
  • Part#: 719575-51300
  • Material(s): Steel, Aluminium
  • Color(s): Metallic Gray
  • Electrical: N/A
  • Overall Dimensions: 20"x14"x8"
  • Mount(s): N/A
  • Connection(s): N/A